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With its headquarters in Shanghai, and office in Barcelona, GlobalTaixue aims to foster cooperation between overseas and Chinese organizations within the three key fields that constitute the pillars of the Knowledge Society: R&D, Innovation and Higher Education. Our aim is to make knowledge become the driving force of the market and an essential tool for development and success in the changing economic and political dynamics of the modern world.

We foster cooperation between overseas and Chinese organizations within the three key areas that constitute the pillars of the Knowledge Society: R&D, Innovation and Higher Education.

GlobalTaixue is today the only company specializing in supporting the internationalization process of higher education institutions and companies committed to innovation and R&D in China. Our clients are universities, business schools, research centers, large and medium companies including pharmaceuticals, hospitals and start-ups in sectors such as biotechnology, green-tech and ITC. GlobalTaixue helps them to develop their projects and presence in the Chinese market by identifying, qualifying and engaging for them leading entry approaches through our services, which include: market research, consultancy for strategic decision making, partner identification and matching and representation and incorporation in China. Our offer stands apart through our focus on mixing state-of-the-art innovation and technology, research and education expertise with high-quality services.

The Knowledge Society is the one producing, sharing, and using knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of its people.

We have an extensive network that encompass from private companies to governmental institutions throughout Europe, US, Latin America and China, which rely on our experience for the internationalization of their organizations and projects. This extensive network allows us to seek for partners and plan exclusive delegation tours and trade missions to China, offering our partners and clients to benefit from our connections with Chinese authorities and develop relationships with either state-owned or private firms. Our international management and advisors team is composed of professionals who are specialized in innovation, research, education and international relations, and constantly updated to be on top of market developments and business opportunities in China.

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About GlobalTaixue’s name
Taixue (in Chinese characters: 太学, literally means “Greatest Learning”), usually translated as “Imperial Academy”, was the highest rank of an educational establishment in Ancient Imperial China between the period of the Han and Sui Dynasties. During that time hundreds of thousands of students of the high level civil service were lectured on Confucianism, Chinese literature and calligraphy, Law and Mathematics.
TaiXue was the very first institution of its kind in the world, having numerous schools and a vast organized structure stretching across the entire Chinese Empire. The aim of our company is to bring back the Taixue values of dissemination of knowledge and cross-cultural understanding by extending innovative outreach educational practices and spreading world-class knowledge across borders in order to become a new globalTaixue.

GlobalTaixue International Accreditations

European Union SME Centre China CABS Chinese American BioPharmaceutical Society Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China

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