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GlobalTaixue is provider of reliable and practicable market entry strategies developed by using its Chinese market knowledge, experience and local resources in the Educational and Research fields. Our market research will allow the institution to clearly identify opportunities, determine local demand for specific disciplines and ultimately have a soft-landing set-up in China. Our aim is to help HE institutions to decide whether and how it would be convenient for them to enter the Chinese market.

Representation in China
GlobalTaixue helps universities and other HE institutions to own a real presence in the country. We advise, legally assist, and implement the process of entering China.

On the one hand, we facilitate the physical presence of HE institutions in China through our local team, office and resources, which allows constant monitoring of agreements and projects implementation and their success as well as the possibility to adapt them to the dynamic circumstances and context of the country. Furthermore, we continuously provide up-to-date information related to new regulations and educational trends in China.

Having a permanent representation in China has proved its effectiveness in demonstrating to Chinese partners a long-term commitment to their country at the same time it increases the institution visibility. GlobalTaixue assigns a member of its team that will be trained to act as the your extended arm in China. By going through us, you are guaranteed your institution’s identity will always be represented in a highly professional manner.

Our market entry strategy is usually two-staged:

  1. We develop a market entry strategy, including performing advice and legal guidance, for your potential move into China;
  2. We assist with the strategy implementation, either managing the whole process, or only by assisting the institution to do it (traveling with them, introducing them to key contacts, attending certain meetings on their behalf, etc.)

On the other hand, GlobalTaixue offers full support on the institution’s set up in China by means of establishing a representative office, branch campus, research center, online education, franchise or licensing.

Bilateral Affairs

Business in China Customized Program | GlobalTaixue
After careful analysis of the foreign institution’s needs and internationalization goals, we preselect, from our extensive network of educational institutions and contacts, its potential local partners. We carry out an introductory meeting with them on behalf of the university and provide a summary of the results of the first interview in order to identify which are the most suitable ones for collaboration in China.

The service also can include the drafting and negotiation of memorandum of understanding, mobility exchange agreements for students, professors and researchers and cooperation agreements for research, joint grants and laboratories, among others, with the identified potential partners.

Business in China Customized Program | GlobalTaixue

Student Recruitment
Recruitment in China counts with relevant difficulty. Network is a key word in order to enter the country and needed sources for effective recruitment include education agents and institutional alliances. Other activities, such as attending student fairs, holding seminars, and start some advertising campaigns, become also very important to develop de recruitment in the country.

GlobalTaixue manages the identification of target students, as well as recruitment and distribution channels, and even liaison with the government bodies on behalf of the institution. With access to an extensive range of institutional contacts across the territory, we count with an exclusive partnership with a major government co-owned education agency in China, complying this way with the current Chinese legal requirements.

Our counselors are experts and experienced professionals in the education field and we continuously trained them according to the request of each institution and needs of the market and student target population.

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