Market Research

Market Research in China | GlobalTaixue
Market Research

GlobalTaixue assists companies and research centers to gain wide and reliable data and information concerning ITC, Cleantech, BioPharma and Medicine sectors in China, by providing high quality market researches.

We allocate and map general Chinese players and your specific company’s competitors and study their strengths, weaknesses and potential cooperation areas for and with your company. We can also do the screening for new potential commercial and academic partners. Among other factors, our market research can include:

  • Customer analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • CRO & CMO scouting
  • Product research
  • Market Entry Study
  • Market Potential & Trend Study
  • Market Segmentation
  • Pricing Study
  • Usage and Attitude
Partner Matching in China | GlobalTaixue
Partner prospect and matching
GlobalTaixue, through its extensive network in China, finds the right cooperation commercial or academic partner for your company to work with in China. For companies and organizations that want to establish cooperation with Chinese counterparts within research, development, new technology or innovation, our partner prospect service offers structured assistance in identifying and approaching the potential fitting partners.

Our Partner prospect service can include:

  • Directory of potential partners within a certain region and industry. Details of those based on desk research, network references and first call or meet approach.
  • Interviews with pre-selected, bounded potential partners from refine research in order to identify business proximity and opportunities for your company.
  • Matchmaking meetings. They can include visits and further interviews with the preselected potential partners, government institutions, technological and science parks, etc.
  • Due Diligence of pre-selected partners in order to know about their business data, reputation and reliability in the industry and in the country.

GlobalTaixue International Accreditations

European Union SME Centre China CABS Chinese American BioPharmaceutical Society Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China

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